• Hundred thousand net new trees in Surrey in the next four years. Surrey is losing it's green canopy. We propose aggressive reforestation efforts in Surrey. The goal is 100,000 net new trees in Surrey by end of 2022.


  • Explore new transportation options like car share, private partnership parking etc. Develop better apps for public to find out best way to move from point A to point B at any time.  The aim is to reduce individual car use and develop practical alternate options to using cars for transportation.


  • Encourage new developments to be green-canopy-neutral 
  • Record and track the green canopy for each lot (Could use satellite imagery from previous years or other measures.) Develop a baseline Fractional Green Canopy Cover (FGCC) measurements for each lot and link this to any future developmental permits for the lot.   


  • Development applications are assessed for green canopy impact for the lot. Applications with positive green canopy impacts to be fast tracked. This will promote innovative green architectures while bringing new housing to market.


  • Development applications with negative green canopy impacts are charged enough deposit money to restore the lost green canopy. Deposits, less the expenses, will be returned once the green canopy is fully restored and stable.


  • Development applications  assessed for green canopy impact for the lot. Applications with positive green canopy impacts to be fast-tracked. This will promote innovative green architecture while bringing new housing to market.  


  • Promote development efforts of purpose-specific restoration of green spaces.  These spaces can be bought by developers, to neutralize the impact to the green canopy caused by the development, and fast track their developments.  


  • Green canopy checks are mandatory requirements for occupancy permits or similar final permits.  


  • Applicable to all zoning and all types of developments: Residential and Industrial. 


  • Significantly increase fines for unauthorized destruction of mature trees. 


  • Encourage the adoption of green architectures and certifications like LEED, BOMA wherever possible.


  • Develop a formula for housing development, linking it to school capacity in the area,  working  with the Surrey Board of School Trustees and the Provincial government on this.


  • Support scientific research and pilot projects in bio-diversity, especially insect populations etc.


  • Preserve existing parkland in Surrey. 



We are actively seeking input on this key issue.  If you have suggestions please let us know at info@peoplefirstsurrey.ca