People First Surrey
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ABOUT US : What is People First and Why

“People First” is a non-traditional election platform for Surrey municipal elections Oct 2018.

It is a grassroots movements by people who are left with not many options other than taking things into their own hands. A handful of us in Surrey initiated it. We do plan to contest and win the municipal council election of Surrey in 2018. We are looking for qualified people to join us, whether to volunteer or to run for the council with us in Oct 2018. Doors are open to all.


Our values form our code of conduct. They provide us the foundation for our actions and decisions. They provide the supporting rational required to explain our actions and decisions to people. These values are the permanent part of “PEOPLE FIRST Surrey”.

Our Priorities

Our priorities here are what we came up so far. However we are continuing to refine these with input from people. So we provide electronic and in person sessions for people to provide their feedback. Please see our contact us page and open house schedule.

We also request community groups to organize additional open houses at their location so that we can discuss these and refine.

By September/October we plan to finalise these and call it a “xx point plan”. Then if we get control of the council, we will aggressively proceed with implementation of these priorities. We will work with other governmental bodies and municipalities to implement these.

The Team - Join us!

Today our view of elections is mostly about who is going to get the power. We think it needs to be about what the new team is going to do for the city – not about who they are. Our entire campaign philosophy is also based on this concept. So, we focus on the values and priorities first and publish them, and get it refined in our open houses. The team, however, is important and will be formed in due course. We plan to publish the team by July-Aug 2018. Also, we do not believe in forming a team in vaccuum and then asking people to vote. We believe each  citizen should have a chance to be part of the team. So, if you are interested in running for the council with us, please contact us. We are still looking for good candidates.


Let's meet in person and discuss what is important to you. Let us explain our proposals and have an open and honest conversation about those. In addition to the usual door knocking and social media channels, we like to discuss our agenda in person with you at our open houses. We will make every effort to have an open house in all communities of Surrey.


These are the various ways you can support us, learn more about us or connect with us. You may subscribe to our newsletter or send us a message. You may apply for a free membership or show your support on any of our social media platforms.